Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I love October because its the beginning of the holiday madness! My favorite time of the year!

Last weekend Joley and I decided to make Halloween cupcakes. She helped me the whole way through... my little cooking assistant! I love having her in the kitchen with me! She was real excited about getting to crack the eggs herself. I dont know why kids love doing that so much, haha. :)

Red velvet cake batter!

Her favorite part!

Cream cheese frosting dyed orange for Halloween!

Ready to be frosted!

All ready for decorating!

All done!


Taste test! ^_^

Caleb decorated some too, when he got home from his dad's!

Saturday afternoon Joley and I went out shopping around with Angie, Skye, and Lijey. We hit up some craft stores. Then we went over to Angie's so Joley could see their new black lab puppy. Angie was wonderful and cooked dinner for everyone! It was delish! We brought over some of our cupcakes to share.

Enjoying a ringpop while we were out and about!

So cute!


Sunday I took the kids to the pumpkin patch, along with my dad, stepmom, brother, sister and her kids. Caleb and Joley picked out two small pumpkins each, so we could decorate them later, and we got one big pumpkin for our house too. The pumpkin patch was a great trip! The kids played in the sandbox, looked around at all the decorations, and we went on a hayride!

Trying to scare me, haha!

All loaded up on the pumpkin cart!

Gotta find the PERFECT one...


My little heman!

Joseph approves!

Pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere!

Joley was scared of the little fake spiders, but was ok with walking up to this thing! Crazy kid!

My sister Melissa and her babies.

Me and my monkeys!


Joseph and Caleb on the hayride.


All ready to go!

After the pumpkin patch we went over to my dad's house for a yummy dinner.


My handsome nephew Jehiah.

Monday night after dinner I let the kids go outside to decorate their pumpkins. We had a kit with faces made of felt stickers to put on the pumpkins, and I also had paint for them to use too.

Caleb's vampire.

Joley's witch.

Pretty sunset!

Our pumpkins!