Friday, January 7, 2011


I've been without glasses for about a month. Joley broke the other pair I owned. I went in for an eye exam and got a new prescription. It gradually gets worse every 2 years, lol. Staring at a computer screen for work 8 hours a day = bad eyesight. Gah. My eye care benefit from my insurance doesn't renew for a while, so I had been holding out for that. But then realized, duh, I can use my FSA for new glasses! :D

I went to get a cheap pair, even if they were ugly as heck, to have as a spare pair and to use for now, until my benefit renews and I can get my Oakley frames again. ^_^ But turns out, I really, really love these glasses I ordered! I might have to go get another pair of these once insurance renews, and get better lenses put in. Right now I just have the cheapest lenses they had. Would be nice to have the scratch-resistant, glare-proof lenses. ^_^

New glasses and being able to see pefectly again is love. ♥

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