Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The kids had their semi-annual dental appts today, for a cleaning. It was Joley's first dental appt ever, so I was nervous about how she'd do. She got to watch Caleb for a bit, and that helped. Then she went to her room and refused to sit or lay down, so they let her stand for a while before she got comfortable enough to sit on the chair. She never would lay down, but they said for the first visit that's ok. That dental office is the best, I went to them when I was growing up and it was always a great experience! The kids got new toothbrushes and got to pick out a prize from the prize bucket. Both of them chose these sticky lizards that you can stick on walls, ceilings, etc. Caleb had gotten one at his appt 6 months ago and I do believe Joley had been waiting all this time, looking forward to getting her own sticky lizard! After the appt Joley went around all day long showing people her clean teeth and telling them about how she doesn't have bugs on them anymore ("sugar bugs"), haha!! :P


It was a hectic morning... trying to work plus get myself and the kids ready for the appt. So after Joley and I took Caleb to school, I wanted a treat for myself! Starbucks was crazy busy, but my heart was set on a peppermint white mocha. So I went across the street to Krispy Kreme and got some donuts to bring home. I used to have this coworker years ago that was obsessed with those things! He was new to the area and always talked about fresh Krispy Kreme donuts. I've never been a big donut fan... I'll have one every now and then, but they aren't my favorite. We've had this Krispy Kreme place here for a couple years now and I've never gone. Man, have I been missing out! I am now convinced that there is nothing like a fresh, warm, soft donut. Mmmmmm! By the time we were done there, the line at Starbucks had gone down so I was able to get my peppermint white mocha. That made my day right there. Pure heaven.

I had been on the look out for those Jibbitz crocs charms for the kids for months now. When I dont want them I see them everywhere, but when I want them I can't find them anywhere! What's up with that?! I laughed at the Crocs website, wanting to charge insanely too much. On good ol' trusty eBay (*snort*) I found a 30-piece set for a couple bucks. I think with shipping and all I spent like $6 maybe? Sounded like a good deal to me, because I couldn't even get 1 charm from the Crocs website for that amount plus shipping! Plus it was an assortment of charms so the kids could have a few each. Of course the downfall is it was being shipped to me from Hong Kong and took FOREVER! But it finally arrived yesterday! I was so happy to see that little manilla envelopse sitting in my mailbox. I'm the type of person who hates to buy something and then have to wait to receive the item. If I buy something, I want it right.then! Even if it was only 6 bucks that I spent. :P I do believe that was the first time I've ever gotten mail from Hong Kong. Seeing the writing on the packaging was kinda cool! :)



My long day wound down early, as I was hoping to go to bed at a decent time. No such luck, as the piles of fabric stared up at me and begged me to create with them! Arg!

But I turned out something cute though! ^_^

Sewing and catching up on some shows made for a nice, relaxing evening. Can't ask for more than that!

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