Friday, September 10, 2010


Even though I work on Fridays, its the anticipation of knowing I'll have two days off that makes Friday the best day of the week. :)

I had promised Caleb that if he gets on "green" at school for a whole week, then I'll get him a "big" prize as a reward. Well last week he almost got it... was on green every day but Thursday. Bummer! But this week was a short week, but I didn't want to go back on my word, and he got on green all week long. So after I picked him up from school today we went to Target to let him pick out a new toy. I gave him a dollar amount he could spend, and he decided to buy a few small things versus one big thing. Smart boy. ;) He got this robot bug thing that walks around, and he got these Mighty Beanz toys that remind me of Weebles (Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!), haha. :P

After Target we got Joley from the babysitter's and came home to get Caleb packed up to go see his dad for the weekend. His first soccer game is tomorrow, so I got all his soccer gear all packed up and ready! And I bought him a new (bigger) waterbottle since apparently his other one is too small because the boy burns through that 12oz of water at practices, yeesh!

I recently had a friend ask for more pics of moi, which always makes me laugh because I'm rarely infront of the camera. :P But... ask and you shall receive! ^_^

I took a ton because I hated 99.9% of 'em. And here's the best I got... *cue narcissistic moment*

Silly faces!

So after taking Caleb to his dad's, Joley and I went out for dinner. I work from home and after a long work week, I felt compelled to get out of the house for a bit for something more than errands. I'm craving Chinese so off to Hong Kong Buffet we went!

Yum, egg drop soup!


Ok, time to get off this computer and go have some downtime before bed. Its going to be a busy weekend!


  1. We try to reward Alexander when he stays on "green" too...They have the card system or whatever everywhere it seems. I think it's a good thing. I don't remember that when I was a kid I just remember getting your name on the board!

  2. Yeah I dont remember it as a kid either, we put our names on the board too!! LOL!! I've even implented the red light/green light system at home, and made him a behavior chart and if he's on "green" at home for the evening, he gets a sticker... and a certain amount of stickers equals a prize.