Sunday, September 5, 2010


I wish every weekend could be a 3-day weekend! Its been so nice getting some good family time in, as well as work on some of my crafting projects.

Yesterday my friend Angie brought her kids Skye and Lijey over to hang out and play. The kids had a ball playing together. Joley and Skye put on every piece of play clothing/jewelry that Joley owns! It was the cutest thing ever! Total princesses. :)

I worked on some of my sewing projects... camera strap covers! Angie asked if I could make a little pouch to store her point-and-shoot camera in, so after a failed attempt I created one that was actually pretty nifty! Its open at the end, but on others I could easily sew on a snap, magnetic clasp, or velcro to seal the end!

The kids enjoyed some pizza for dinner while Angie and I had an even yummier dinner- sushi! It was my first time (I'm such a noob) and man, I have totally been missing out all this time! It was so delicious that I had to go out today and buy some more to have for this week! I'm totally looking forward to a GNO for sushi and sake!

After dinner we assessed the damage done, and the house was a complete wreck. Who knew a 2-yr-old, two 3-yr-olds, and a 6-yr old could make such a mess! But the kids helped us clean up, and afterwards we made a trip over to Brusters for some delicious ice cream! The kids really enjoyed that, and were a sticky mess afterwards. :)

My Cotton Candy Explosion, yummm!

Angie and Lijey

After the busy afternoon/evening and once I got the little princess tucked in bed, Caleb and I relaxed and watched Astro Boy (thanks Ang, for the recommendation!).


  1. cute I"m glad you got into the public blogging world! I love your backround!If you need help on how to make a header for your blog I can show you

  2. Thanks Kasie. :) I'll work on a header later, and let you know if I need some help! I was just trying to hurry up and get the blog created, I haven't had the time to make it all customized yet! :P